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Disposable Identity



Disposable Identity

Ophelia Sullivan




Ophelia Sullivan, once recognized for their notable contributions to electronic and experimental music with bands like Ecstasphere, Aphexia, and as a live vocalist for the German Progressive Metal ensemble, Soulsplitter, graces the music scene with their maiden solo venture. The album, "Disposable Identity," resonates with a delightful yet somber ambiance, reminiscent of the ethereal tunes of Tori Amos, albeit with a stronger electronic and progressive touch, a mixture that works wonderfuly.

The rich tapestry of Ophelia's musical journey is evident in this debut, which synthesizes a multitude of genres from Post-Progressive, Avant-Pop, and Trip Hop, to Electronica and Post-Rock. Staying true to their roots, Ophelia marries seemingly disparate styles with masterful ease. This project, which represents an eight-year labor of love, boasts collaborations with an array of adept guest instrumentalists and features captivating string arrangements, evoking musical luminaries like Steven Wilson, Chelsea Wolfe, Björk, and Portishead.

Ophelia Sullivan

Ophelia's musical journey is evident in this debut, which synthesizes a multitude of genres...marrying seemingly disparate styles with masterful ease.

At its core, "Disposable Identity" offers a contrast of light and shadow, hardness and tenderness, the agitated and the mesmeric. Ophelia, through their lyrics, paints a deeply intimate portrait, navigating through the alleys of mental health, otherness, sexuality, and vulnerability, all seen through a unique perspective.

Set to release on October 30th, 2023, via Bandcamp and other streaming platforms, this album is not just a listening experience but an immersion into the nuanced world of a multifaceted artist. Ophelia Sullivan's "Disposable Identity" is an evocative testament to their profound musical expertise and unwavering commitment to authentic self-expression.

Tune in to Prog Radio where you’ll be treated to several of the tracks from this fresh album--they blend in oh-so-well with our melodic, yet progressive flow.

Run Time:
Oct 30, 2023
55 min
The Key • Rest Your Trigger On My Finger • Hourglass
Kevin Carmony
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