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Artist Station ID's

Looking for a quick, easy, and FREE way to promote your band to the thousands of Prog Radio listeners? Record and send us a "You're listening to Prog Radio..." Artist Station ID

What is an Artist Station ID?

A Station ID is that "bump" or "tag" you hear when listening to a radio station that informs the listener what station they are tuned into, such as, "You're listening to Prog Radio." We invite bands whose music we play to record an "Artist Station ID" to help brand and promote their band, latest album, tour dates, etc. 


To help give you some ideas, here are a few examples you can listen to:

How to add Your Artist Station ID to Prog Radio

It's easy and FREE! Simply have one or more of the band members record the station ID and email the audio file to us. No need for any fancy editing or adding any music, as we'll do all that on our end. You can even just record it on your mobile phone if that's easiest.

What should you say in your Station ID?

What ever you like! You can keep it basic or you can add any promotional information you'd like to include, such as your latest album, tour information, website, streaming services playing your music, etc. If you're not sure between a few approaches, send as many audio files as you like, and we'll choose which works best. TIP: If you do include information that is only applicable for a certain period of time (new album, tour, etc.), consider also sending us a basic "evergreen" version that we can use on an on-going basis.

Here are a few examples to give you some ideas...

  • "Hi, this is [Name] with [Band Name], and you're listening to Prog Radio."

  • "Hi, this is [Name] with [Band Name], and you're listening to the number one station for progressive rock, Prog Radio."

  • "Hi, this is [Name] with [Band Name], and you're listening to the only station we listen to on our tour bus, Prog Radio."

  • "Hi, this is [Name] and [Name] with [Band Name], and you're listening to our favorite radio station, Prog Radio, where you can hear songs from our latest album, [Album Name].  Enjoy!"

You get the idea!

How often will my Station ID play, and for how long?

We play a Station ID two or three times an hour, and yours will be placed in rotation with our normal Station IDs along with other artists we are currently featuring. We'll keep your Station ID in rotation for as long as it's applicable, for example, if you plugged a new album, we'll keep it playing for a month or two during the time the album is being released. Again, this is why it's a good idea to send along a basic, "evergreen" version that we can always keep in rotation.  TIP: In addition to any promotion you include for your band, the more glowing the Station ID's praise is for Prog Radio, the longer we tend to keep it playing. Just sayin'. 😊

Anything else I can do to promote my band on Prog Radio?

Yes!  Visit our Artist's Promotion page for other FREE ways to promote your band on Prog Radio.

Still have questions?

Shoot us an email.  

Mike Portnoy
Andy Foster (Kite Parade)
Stuart Nicholson (Galahad)
Moon Letters
Jean Pageau (Mystery)
John Young (Lifesigns)
John Boegehold (Pattern-Seeking Animals)
Peter Jones (Tiger Moth Tales)
Al Winter (This Winter Machine)
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