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Prog Screen Saver for Mac

Elevate your desktop with the ultimate Screen Saver for Prog enthusiasts.

If you're a Prog enthusiast with a Mac desktop or laptop, we've got the perfect gift for you: our exclusive Prog Radio Screen Saver. Showcase your passion for Prog and enjoy these features:

  • Extensive Gallery: Delight in hundreds of high-resolution album covers, spanning from classic to current Prog masterpieces.

  • Add Your Own Images:  Mix in your own images from your local hard drive to add any of your favorite albums we may not have included.

  • Customizable Experience: Modify display settings, choose from various animations, even filter out bands you'd prefer not to see.

  • Prog VIPs: Includes those musicians doing the most today to keep Prog alive.

  • Stay Informed: Always be updated about what's playing on Prog Radio.

  • Free: Always free to download and use.

Proudly developed by the Prog Radio team exclusively for our listeners.

Customizable to your tastes
How to Download and Install

Requirements: Mac desktop or laptop computer running Mac OS 10.14 or later with 400 MB of free disk space.  (We will consider a Windows version as well if feedback on the Mac one is favorable.)

  1. Download the App: From your Mac computer, click here to download the Screen Saver app from Google Drive. (It will give you a couple of warnings that you can't view a preview or scan for viruses, which is expected, since you're downloading an app not a document, so download "anyway.")

  2. Initiate Installation:

    • Locate the downloaded file, likely in your "Downloads" folder.

    • Double-click on it and follow the instructions to begin the installation process.  (Be patient, it could take a minute.  If you're on an older Mac, you may need to re-start Settings or even restart your computer after the installation.)

  3. Select & Customize:

    • Open your Mac's System Settings and select "Screen Saver" (or "Desktop & Screen Saver" on some Macs).

    • Choose the Prog Radio screen saver from the list.  (Depending on your Mac version, it might be located in the "Other" Category and you 'll need to scroll down and select the "Show All" link for the "Other" Category to see it.) 

    • Optionally, you can click on the "Options" button to customize your experience. Experiment with the different settings. "Preview" changes until you achieve your desired appearance. NOTE: If you're on the new Sonoma 14.x version of Mac OS, it has a known issue where any changes you make to a screen saver's Options won't take effect until you restart the OS.

    • See the below section, "Customize Options" for additional help.

  4. Support, Feedback & Recommendations:

    • If you need help, contact us at  

    • Is there an artist or album missing from the screen saver you'd love to see? Email us at We'll consider adding it in future updates.


Customize Options

The Prog Radio screen saver comes with options that will work well for most users.  However, feel free to delve into the "Options" settings page to customize the screen saver to your tastes. Here are the items you can control: 

  • Rows: Select how many rows of album art you wish to display, from 2 rows (fewer images but larger in size) to 8 rows (lots of images but smaller in size).

  • Delay: You can slow down or speed up how often images change, from every 1 second to every 7 seconds.  For a slower, more calming experience, increase the Delay rate. For a more dynamic, ever-changing view, decrease the Delay rate.

  • Animation: Choose from several animation styles for how you want individual images to update.

  • Show "Now Playing on Prog Radio": Turn on or off the center "now playing" feature of the screen saver.

  • Artists: You can either show images from all bands and artists, or you can choose to specify specifically which ones to view, excluding the rest.  The first time you choose the "Only Below Artists" option, it will default to including all artists currently in the screen saver, so you can simply remove any you don't wish to include.

    NOTE:  To Reset the "Only Below Artists" listing back to all the artists available, simply clear out all the artists so the list is empty, then select the "All Artists" option, then when you return to the "Only Below Artists" option, you'll see that all available artists have once again been included for you to edit.  


  • Include Images from a Local Folder: This feature allows you to "mix in" your own images from a folder on your computer's hard drive with the included images from the screen saver. This allows you to include any images you, pets, concert photos, and of course, other prog albums you'd like to include.  

    This feature is very easy to use.  Just check the "Include Images from a Local Folder" box, then click the Change Folder button to navigate to a folder on your local hard drive of where the images you wish to include are located.  The screen saver will then scan that folder and list how many images it found.

    Images must be one of the following formats to be included: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .tiff.   

    Images can be any resolution or aspect ratio, but they will always be scaled to a 1:1 (square) aspect ratio, to match all the included album art.  If you're looking to match the format of the images that come with the screen saver, use images that are at least 600 x 600 resolution, with a 72 dpi. (The images included in the screen saver are all 1200 x
    1200 pixels and 72 dpi.)


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