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The #1 Show on Prog Radio!

Join us each week for "What's New Proggy Cats?" – two full hours of uninterrupted music featuring nothing but the newest in progressive rock. Dive into a carefully curated selection of tracks from the latest prog albums.

TWO Shows Each Week Unlike our other programs, instead of replaying the exact same show, we feature a different mix of new tracks on Tuesday's show. This gives you the opportunity to discover FOUR HOURS of new prog music each week!

"What's New Proggy Cats?" is the ultimate way to stay updated on what's fresh and exciting in the world of Prog each week!

Mon 12 Noon (ET) / 4 PM (GMT)
Replay: Tue 6 PM (ET) / 10 PM (GMT)


Welcome to "Side-by-Side," where progressive rock meets sonic alchemy! Each week, we embark on a musical journey like no other, fusing the iconic Side A of one legendary prog album with the mesmerizing Side B of another classic.


No chit-chat, just pure prog music bliss for around an hour! Picture the mind-bending fusion of Side A from Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" with Side B of The Beatles' "Abbey Road." That's the kind of audio magic you can expect.

Tune in faithfully each week to discover the unique "album" we've concocted in our Prog Radio laboratory. 

Have an ingenious pairing idea of your own? We want to hear it! Share your suggestions at, and who knows, your brainchild could be the star of our next episode.

Tue 12 Noon (EST) / 4 PM (GMT)
Replay: Wed 6 PM (EST) / 10 PM (GMT)


Each week, join Cody Brockway, a passionate mid-20s Prog Rock and Metal enthusiast, drummer, record-store owner, YouTuber, and frequent panelist on Scot Lade's Prog Corner, on his ongoing journey of "breaking" into the sounds of Prog. This roughly 60-minute show is an auditory adventure of discovery where Cody shares the songs from his personal odyssey through the diverse and intricate landscape of Progressive Rock.

In "Breaking Prog," the lively discussions from Cody's YouTube channel, "Brockway's Vinyl Bytes," take on a new dimension as he shares the latest tracks and albums that have caught his attention. From timeless classics to his latest discoveries, the show offers a unique blend of music that transcends generational boundaries.

Tune in and experience the songs of Prog and Prog Metal through Cody's Gen-Z eyes. His fresh perspective and enthusiasm make "Breaking Prog" an inviting space for both new listeners and long-time fan alike.

Thu 12 Noon (EST) / 4 PM (GMT)
Replay:  Fri 6 PM (EST) / 10 PM (GMT)


Fri 12 Noon (EST) / 4 PM (GMT)
Replay: Sat 6 PM (EST) / 10 PM (GMT)


A special show that turns the discussions from Scot Lade's popular YouTube channel, The Prog Corner, into a musical journey. While Scot's channel is a hub for prog enthusiasts to explore new music insights, reviews, and discussions, the actual songs remain unplayed due to YouTube's copyright constraints. "The Prog Corner Playlist" bridges this gap. Scot compiles a playlist of the songs he talks about throughout the week, offering a unique listening experience where fans can hear the music they've learned about. The show runs around 90 minutes, and presents a diverse and ever-changing lineup of progressive rock music. Think of it as the auditory companion to The Prog Corner, perfect for those who want to not only talk about prog music but also immerse themselves in its sounds.


Each weekday, take a short break from the music and dive into the mystical realms of "The Fourth Tower of Inverness," a classic radio drama from 1972 that some of you may have loved listening to on your favorite FM radio station growing up. 

This auditory journey airs twice each weekday, featuring 7-minute episodes across 13 enthralling weeks (65 episodes in total).


Follow Jack Flanders as he navigates the peculiar estate of Inverness, embroiled in the mystery of a phantom tower. From encounters with otherworldly beings to lessons in metaphysical wisdom, each episode promises a tapestry of intrigue and enlightenment, mirroring the complexity and depth often found in progressive rock.


Prepare for an adventure beyond music, where stories unfold in a space where time and logic hold no reign. Don't miss this timeless piece of radio history, rekindled for the modern ear on Prog Radio. Rediscover the charm of old-time radio storytelling!

A special thanks to Meatball Fulton of the ZBS Foundation, the creative mind behind this marvelous piece of radio history, for allowing us to share it with our listeners. 

Weekdays (Mon - Fri)
4 PM & 10 PM (EST) / 8 PM & 2 AM (GMT)


Prog Radio's Pop-Up Power Play is an unpredictable and exciting feature that randomly surfaces throughout your day. This unique segment showcases a seamless series of songs from a single artist, delivered without any interruptions or DJ interludes.

Whether it's a quick trio of tracks, a quintet of tunes, a 30-minute musical exploration, or a full hour of uninterrupted prog bliss, the Pop-Up Power Play is your ticket to a diverse and immersive listening experience.

Keep your ears tuned to Prog Radio. You never know when the next Power Play will "pop up," offering a spotlight on your favorite progressive artists!

Random Daily

Pop-Up Power Play 


The Prog Mix

This is what you'll typically hear outside our special programs.  Get lost in the music with 700+ bands/artists featured in rotation, never hearing the same songs over and over.  Leans towards the "melodic and accessible" side of Prog, ranging from soft to hard but avoids hard-core metal and "growling" vocal styles.  

Mix of old and new music:  

  • 33% New Releases: Fresh tracks from the last 12 months.

  • 42% Diverse Collection: A broad spectrum from our extensive artist list.

  • 25% Classics: Timeless hits from Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, etc.



The occasional show when Prog Radio founder, Kevin Carmony, has something on his mind that he wants to share with listeners. Features, artist spotlights, albums, count downs, interviews, etc.  

Be sure to follow Prog Radio on Facebook and X (Twitter) where Kevin announces when a Kaleidoscope show will be airing, what he'll be covering, and often may ask for listener input as he builds the playlist so that your music tastes can be part of the adventure too!

(Kevin use to do this show weekly on Wednesdays, but wanted to spend more time on Prog Radio's #1 show, "What's New Proggy Cats?" that he produces each week.)

As Announced

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