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FREE Artist Promotions

Quick, easy, and FREE ways to promote your music to thousands of Prog Radio listeners.

If we're not yet playing your music, start by submitting your tracks for consideration. Once your music is on our station, here are some FREE and easy ways to further promote it to our listeners: 


A Station ID is a "bump" or "tag" that informs listeners what station they are tuned into. (Press the play button on the Mike Portnoy Station ID below to hear an example.)  

Station ID by Mike Portnoy

We invite artists whose music we play to record an "Artist Station ID" to promote their band, latest album, tour dates, etc. It’s free and easy to do. Visit our Station ID page for all the details.

Sit in as a guest DJ and spin all your favorite tunes, including some of your own music. Guest DJing is easy; simply record your commentary, and we’ll handle the rest (mix the show, add the music, etc.). If you’d like to be a guest DJ, email us to discuss the details.



Our artist interviews are designed for a radio audience, where music takes precedence over talk. Therefore, our interview format is to play a selection of your tracks, where you and our interviewer discuss each track before and after playing it. If you’d like to chat about and play some of your tracks, send us an email to discuss the details. 

Use the below graphic on your social media pages (Facebook, X, Band Website, etc.) to let your fans know your music is being played on Prog Radio.  

Hear It Playing Radio SM.png


Encourage your fans to listen to Prog Radio and use our Request feature to request your songs. We limit how many requests we take for the same band, so your fans won’t monopolize the station, but a few requests for your music now and again can certainly be beneficial.

Have questions or other ideas of how we can collaborate?

Shoot us an email.  

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