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A Rhizome Revolution - Part 1



A Rhizome Revolution - Part 1





Norway's Yobrepus have released their third album, "A Rhizome Revolution - Part 1," embarking on an ambitious crossover prog journey that will span two records. This album serves as the first act of what promises to be an intriguing rock opera, set to continue with a second part later this year. The concept of the rhizome—nonlinear, without clear origin or hierarchy—mirrors the band's approach to songwriting and storytelling, delving into modern crises like climate change, political turmoil, and the advent of artificial intelligence. Through six tracks spanning 35 minutes, the band crafts a multifaceted narrative filled with rebellion, introspection, and existential dread, all while maintaining a thread of underlying hope.

Musically, "A Rhizome Revolution - Part 1" displays Yobrepus's ability to fluidly transition between genres, blending elements of alt-rock, folk, 60s prog, and dark electronica. This stylistic diversity reflects the album's thematic complexity and provides a rich auditory experience. The pandemic-induced isolation seems to have benefited the band, allowing for deeper collaboration and exploration of their sound. The live studio recordings add a visceral, organic quality to the music, further enriched by the addition of live strings, enhancing the album's depth and texture.


"A Rhizome Revolution - Part 1" is a compelling and provocative record that demonstrates Yobrepus's prowess in weaving together narrative and melody.

The ensemble of Mats Jørgen Sivertsen, Vegard Weyergang Vartdal, Øyvind Rognerud, and Paal Urdal, along with their guest musicians, showcases a cohesive and dynamic synergy. Their performances are nuanced and intricate, breathing life into Sivertsen's thought-provoking lyrics and complex compositions. The inclusion of first-rate string arrangements and guest pianist Kjetil Jerve adds layers of elegance and sophistication to the album's sound.

"A Rhizome Revolution - Part 1" is a compelling and provocative record that demonstrates Yobrepus's prowess in weaving together narrative and melody. The album stands out for its conceptual ambition and musical versatility, making its mark in the crossover prog genre. I look forward to the second installment, due out in October.

Tune in to Prog Radio to hear the three singles from this exceptional album, currently in our New Music rotation, with additional tracks being added in a few days with the album’s release. If you like what you hear, be sure to also journey back to their previous two releases, particularly their previous album from 2020, “Mycelium Days."

4.5 Stars

Run Time:
Mar 22, 2024
35 min
Firestorm • Jupiter • The Enabler • Holy Motors
Kevin Carmony
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