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A Moment of Peace



A Moment of Peace

Lost World Band




Lost World Band's eighth full-length album, "A Moment of Peace," is an exploration of the band's unique sound and artistic vision. Released on February 15, 2024, this album continues the group's legacy of crafting intricate and emotionally resonant music. With 16 short-ish tracks (41 minutes total) that navigate through a variety of moods and styles, "A Moment of Peace" stands out as a significant addition to their discography.

The album is predominantly instrumental, showcasing the band's exceptional skill in creating vivid soundscapes without the need for words. The influence of guitar legends like Robert Fripp and Anthony Phillips is evident throughout, with the guitar work seamlessly transitioning from electric to acoustic tones, providing a diverse auditory experience. Despite the instrumental prowess, the album shines particularly bright on tracks featuring vocals. Phoebe Carter's contributions as lead singer on only every 5th song, add a captivating dimension to the music, leaving me yearning for a more balanced mix between instrumental and vocal pieces.

Lost World Band

It's an album that not only adheres to the traditions of progressive rock but also pushes its boundaries, incorporating elements of post-rock, avant-garde, and classical music.

"A Moment of Peace" is not just a musical journey but also a narrative one, reflecting on personal and global turmoil. The album was influenced by significant events, such as the invasion of Ukraine, which shifted the creator's perspective and infused the music with a sense of urgency and reflection. This is especially poignant in tracks like "A Moment of Peace" and "Still Love Now," which were revitalized from the band's early works to address contemporary issues. The album's thematic depth is enhanced by the blend of chaotic overtures, tranquil melodies, and a mix of classical and modern elements, showcasing the band's versatility and commitment to storytelling through music.

The creative process behind the album is a testament to Andy Didorenko's dedication and musical prowess. Playing most of the instruments himself and reviving songs from the band's archive, Didorenko has sculpted an album that is personal, reflective, and forward-thinking. The involvement of session musicians for vocals, drums, and flute adds layers to the album's sound, enriching the listening experience without overshadowing the core identity of the band.

"A Moment of Peace" represents a maturation of Lost World Band's sound and philosophy. While maintaining the signature elements that fans have come to love – short, complex compositions, and the dynamic interplay between flute and violin – the album ventures into new territories, both musically and thematically. It's an album that not only adheres to the traditions of progressive rock but also pushes its boundaries, incorporating elements of post-rock, avant-garde, and classical music.

"A Moment of Peace" is an immersive and evocative record that captures the essence of Lost World Band's artistic evolution. The album's mostly instrumental nature, combined with poignant vocal tracks, creates a rich, multifaceted listening experience. It's a reflective piece that resonates with the current global climate, making it not only relevant for today but likely for years to come. Fans of the band and new listeners alike will find something to appreciate in this complex, beautifully crafted album.

This exceptional album deserves to be heard by a wide audience. Tune in to Prog Radio where we are pleased to be featuring several tracks from this record in our New Music rotation, and look for it to be prominently featured in next week’s "What’s New Proggy Cats?" broadcast.

4.5 Stars

Run Time:
Feb 15, 2024
41 min
Castle in the Air • Aflame • A Moment Of Peace • Urban Eye • Still Love Now • The Last Salvo • A Touch of Rain • Crumble Down
Kevin Carmony
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