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Telepathic Minds



Telepathic Minds





Finland may be a relatively small country with a population of under 6 million, but it has over the years produced some of the most amazing progressive rock artists, such as Pekka Pohjola, Jukka Tolonen, and Marco Bernard, to name just a few. Last year, one of the best prog albums came out of Finland, with the Von Hertzen Brother’s Red Alert in the Blue Forest. It would appear Finland has yet again given the world what is sure to be one of the best prog albums for this year, Overhead’s long-awaited double studio album, Telepathic Minds.

Overhead's successful releases and live performances for the past 20 years throughout Europe have brought the band to the top of the Finnish prog hierarchy, but perhaps it will be Telepathic Minds that brings the band more prominence in the rest of the world.

Recorded largely during the pandemic, Telepathic Minds, Overhead’s 6th studio album, is without doubt the band’s strongest album to date. It is the quintessential prog double album, loaded with progressive and aural landscapes, long epic tracks, strong melodies, solid riffs, catchy choruses, and stunning artwork done by their lyrisist, lead singer and flautist, Alex Keskitalo.

Telepathic Minds was five years in the making, and it shows in all the details musically and otherwise. It’s Overhead's first double album and first to be available on vinyl. This is a GREAT album, and one worth having on vinyl for the music and amazing artwork. 5 Stars for sure!

The full-release date for the album is March 31, 2023, but you can hear select tracks right now in Prog Radio’s New Music rotation. So, check some of the songs out on Prog Radio, then do yourself a favor and head over to Overhead’s Bandcamp website (WWW link below) and pre-order this amazing album. You can thank me later.


Run Time:
Mar 31, 2023
1 hr 12 min
Telepathic Minds • War To End All Wars • Tuesday That Never Came • The Pilot's Not Fit To Fly • Planet Of Disorder • Almost Always Near The End
Kevin Carmony
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