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Amarok's seventh studio offering, "Hope," represents a high watermark in their discography, especially following their sixth album, "Hero,” which was, for me, their previous high watermark, an album that showed significant signs of their burgeoning artistic maturity. They continue that growth with “Hope.”

This Polish outfit, renowned for their distinct blend of crossover prog, continues to evolve with a collection that is as eclectic as it is engaging. Right from the get-go, "Hope" captivates with its rich, melodic textures and intricate arrangements. The album shines particularly in the way Amarok melds traditional prog elements with ethno and ambient influences, making for a rich and engaging listening experience.


"Hope," represents a high watermark in their discography, especially following their sixth album, "Hero,” which was, for me, their previous high watermark...

Among the album's ten tracks, each song stands out for its craftsmanship and the seamless integration of electronic and organic sounds. The standout single "Hope Is" exemplifies this blend beautifully, showcasing a predatory edge through its distinctive guitar sounds and characteristic drum rhythms. Furthermore, the infusion of modern electronic elements, including hints of 90s-style drum & bass, adds a fresh dimension to their sound.

The album comprises ten tracks, clocking in at just under an hour, and there's not a bad track to be found. Each track stands out for its quality, though the final track—while not quite reaching the heights of its predecessors—is also the shortest at 3 minutes, making it a minor detraction from an otherwise stellar set. At 58 minutes, "Hope" maintains a compelling flow and cohesiveness that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.

Amarok's "Hope” shows the band's continued growth and artistic vision. It's clear that their musical journey, highlighted by collaborations with notable artists and a continuous push for innovation, has culminated in this beautifully crafted album. From the visually stunning vinyl editions to the deeply resonant themes of hope and transformation, this album is not only a significant mark in Amarok's career but also a beacon for fans of melodic and accessible progressive rock, our sweet spot here at Prog Radio.

We’ve been giving heavy rotation to the four singles released to date, and look forward to playing the remaining songs upon its release on April 5th, when we’ll also feature two new tracks in that week’s “What’s New Proggy Cats?” shows on Monday and Tuesday.

5 Stars!

BUYING: The album is available in two formats: a traditional CD version and on double vinyl. The vinyl edition consists of four different-colored versions, each a unique work of art, both visually and sonically.

Each album purchased by preorder will be additionally signed by the band members!

The album can be pre-ordered now at the WWW link below.

Run Time:
Mar 29, 2024
58 min
Hope Is • Insomnia • Don't Surrender • Welcome • Queen
Kevin Carmony
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