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Economy of Motion



Economy of Motion





Fifteen years have lapsed since the former drummer of the iconic Saga, Steve Negus, unveiled his initial solo endeavor under the 'Negus' banner. Today, we bear witness to the arrival of his eagerly anticipated sophomore release, "Economy of Motion."

Those acquainted with Steve’s post-Saga work with GNP ("Safety Zone") and the inaugural Negus album (“Dare to Dream”), will instantly detect a dynamic shift in "Economy of Motion." Whereas "Safety Zone" and "Dare to Dream" trod the fine line of crossover pop-prog-rock, "Economy of Motion" takes a bold leap into the realm of prog-jazz-rock instrumentalism. Yet, it beautifully upholds the melodic lineage that Negus skillfully curated in his preceding work both within and beyond Saga.

Regular listeners of Prog Radio will know we have a profound penchant for Saga, making this new release an extra special treat. So, tune in to relish in all of Steve’s ventures - from Saga, GNP, and Negus.

This new album isn't a lukewarm fusion of jazz, nor is it an overdose of hardcore acid prog jazz. Instead, it perfectly nestles into the sweet spot between the two – an ideal haunt for Prog Radio connoisseurs.

Imagine a convergence of your most adored prog virtuosos engaged in a prolonged, rules-free, instrumental jam session (incidentally, this album was a decade in gestation). Picture them capturing the prime segments of this creative symposium, orchestrating them to flow seamlessly over a 49-minute sonic journey. That's "Economy of Motion." It's a testament to the dexterity of seasoned, remarkably talented musicians in their element, producing intriguing, boundary-defying music. The album maintains a satisfying balance of prog elements to keep it enthralling, without surrendering to excessive instrumental meandering that could lead listeners astray.

"Economy of Motion" delivers an immensely pleasurable auditory experience, effortlessly ebbing and flowing from its opening number, "The Gathering - Let the Games Begin," through to its fittingly titled finale, "The Celebration." Underneath the exquisitely crafted rhythms lies an interesting melodic structure, artfully woven into the fabric of the album.

Our team was hard-pressed to select which tracks to feature in our New Music rotation, such was the strength of this recording. Hence, we opted for several standout numbers. Tune into Prog Radio to savor a substantial slice of this remarkable record.


Run Time:
Apr 11, 2023
49 min
The Gathering - Let the Games Begin • Warning • Latino Seven • Economy Acoustic
Kevin Carmony
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