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A Cell to Call Home



A Cell to Call Home

Advent Horizon




For fans of the modern prog band Advent Horizon, the long-anticipated wait is over, and they do not disappoint. Their recent opus, "A Cell to Call Home," marks a significant milestone in their progressive rock journey. For those who've patiently waited 8 years since their last full-length album, the hiatus has unequivocally proven its worth.

Delving into guitarist and vocalist Rylee McDonald's earnest note to fans on the band's website, one can glean the sacrifices, the joys, and the sheer determination it took to bring this album to life. It's a journey replete with authenticity and passion, qualities that shine brilliantly throughout "A Cell to Call Home."

Advent Horizon’s newest contribution to the progressive rock genre is a testament to their enduring spirit and talent. They view it as their best work to date, and it's not hard to see why. The emotional depth, intricate compositions, and sheer soul in each track speak of a band that pours its heart into its creations.

Advent Horizon

Advent Horizon has taken a big step to solidify their standing in the world of melodic progressive rock...

The band brings in several guest musicians to help keep things interesting, such as Randy McStine (King Crimson, Porcupine Tree), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Dave Meros (Spock’s Beard, Pattern-Seeking Animals), and several others. Those names alone should make you curious to at least check out this album, even if you’re not familiar with the band…yet.

Beyond their music, Advent Horizon stands out for their genuine connection and commitment to their fans. McDonald’s honesty about the unpredictability of life and the band’s future releases is refreshing, touching and relatable. His affirmation of the profound satisfaction he garners from creating music for Advent Horizon paints a somewhat promising picture for the possibility of more music in their future. Fingers crossed.

So, is it their best work to date? Yes. Easily. "A Cell to Call Home" isn't merely an album. It’s a narrative of passion, endurance, and dedication. Eleven tracks for an hour of music, with “all killers, no fillers.” (An additional three bonus tracks on the vinyl offering.) This is a wonderful album that will hopefully garner them some much-deserved attention and inspire them to produce more records.

It's great to see such young musicians, who have been inspired by prog bands, continuing on with this wonderful genre. Advent Horizon has taken a big step to solidify their standing in the world of melodic progressive rock with this 5-Star jewel.

Be sure and tune in to Prog Radio where we have several of the tracks from this stellar album in our New Music on-air rotation. As per Prog Radio's slogan: "Honoring the past, spotlighting the present, and inspiring the future," this band does all three.

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Oct 6, 2023
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Kevin Carmony
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