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The Power of III



The Power of III





If you listen to Prog Radio, you've been fortunate enough to hear the music of a lesser-known prog band, Ageless. Today marks the release of the band's third album, appropriately titled "The Power of III."

If you've listened to their first two albums, you'll feel like you've been taking their journey with them. Elliott Rogers and Wayne Farias, the two musicians who comprise the band, are pursuing their passion—progressive rock music. Most musicians will have plenty of detractors along the way, telling them their dreams and passion for music are not to be taken seriously. Elliott and Wayne are no different, and they have heard it too... but they don't care. They're marching on, and I'm so happy they have stuck to it! The Power of III is a masterwork in their progress, and they have crafted a truly great prog album!

Both Elliott and Wayne have participated in Neal Morse's masterclass, and The Power of III could be no better testament to Neal's inspiration and help. Their previous album, Cycles, was infused with much of what Elliott and Wayne were learning, but Neal should be very proud to hear what they have now done as they have left the nest. If anyone asks Neal if his masterclass will help them, he just needs to point to Cycles and The Power of III—'nuff said.

The album does something very unique for a progressive rock album—instead of an hour-long CD with 4 or 5 songs, The Power of III is exactly one hour long but made up of 26, YES, TWENTY-SIX tracks! The longest track is only 6 minutes long. How can this be a prog album? Where is the 20-minute-plus epic? The entire album is the epic! It is a conceptual record spanning the past, present and future. The 26 tracks flow as brilliantly together as Jethro Tull's one-song Thick as a Brick. You really should think of The Power of III as a one-hour-long epic broken down into 26 refrains. (It's also a masterstroke of genius to help with their streaming revenues. =)

Prog may be the one genre where bands really do get better as they age. "Ageless" is absolutely the perfect name for Elliott and Wayne's band. Elliott's voice has kept its distinctive, very recognizable sound, but there's more control and perfect utilization of it. It makes me think of when I heard Alice Cooper talk about how Bob Ezrin helped him craft his voice to be unique and recognizable but still functional. Elliott is there with this album. Wayne's drumming has gone through a similar refinement, with more control and impact.

This absolutely is the album to pull Ageless out of obscurity. I get the same feeling listening to this album for the first time as I did with our Album of the Year last year, Rocking Horse Music Club's album, Circus of Wire Dolls. With just one listen, I knew it was special.

Prog Radio is very pleased to have this new crop of tracks to continue sharing Ageless with our listeners. Tune in to Prog Radio to get a sample, then visit any of the music services to enjoy this album as it is meant to be heard, from beginning to end. (Physical CDs are coming soon.)

5 Stars!


Run Time:
Jun 30, 2023
1 hr
I Think of You • Moment in Time • Memories • The Path • Is There a Light • Back to the Beginning • Life Goes On (Those being said, you really need to experience the full album's flow.)
Kevin Carmony
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