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Scream Inside the Tear



Scream Inside the Tear

Dandelion Charm




Buckle up, prog-rock aficionados! If you haven't yet stumbled upon the British duo Dandelion Charm, their third album "Scream Inside the Tear" might just be your gateway to an enigmatic new musical world. Soon to be unveiled as what we think will be one of 2023's most intriguing releases, the album acts as a beacon for this under-the-radar band, signaling their irrefutable coming-of-age.

What sets "Scream Inside the Tear" apart is its ambitious conceptual framework. The album is a tapestry woven with lyrical sophistication, dynamic production, and a seamless blend of genres—from the rustic hues of folk to the grandiosity of prog-rock, all laced with a touch of classic pop craftsmanship. This is not merely a collection of songs, but a holistic experience that engages the listener in a profound emotional journey.

Navigating through its 13 tracks and spanning over an hour, the album daringly tackles heavy themes, yet never loses sight of the glimmer of hope. It delves into existential quandaries about life after death, the struggle with mental health, and the heart-wrenching emotions that accompany loss. But it also uncovers the beauty of living in the now—finding pockets of joy amidst life's unpredictable chaos. The album's circular narrative structure beautifully mirrors life’s cyclical pattern, a poignant reminder that every ending may very well be a new beginning.

Dandelion Charm

This is not merely a collection of songs, but a holistic experience that engages the listener in a profound emotional journey.

Musically, this album is a feast for anyone attuned to our station's "melodic and approachable" take on progressive rock. If your playlists frequently feature the likes of Renaissance, Mostly Autumn, and Solstice, consider "Scream Inside the Tear" a future staple.

Mark your calendars: the album officially drops on October 20th. But if you're itching for a pre-release indulgence, we've got you covered. Tune in to Prog Radio to sample some of the album's spellbinding tracks in our New Music rotation.

Trust us—you won't want to miss this sonic odyssey.

4.5 Stars!

Run Time:
Oct 20, 2023
1 hr 8 min
The Engineering Of Consent • Warriors Of The Morning • The Cure • The Benefit of Experience • Shouting at the Sea • What Alchemy
Kevin Carmony
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