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Moving Aloud



Moving Aloud

Aviram Tzur




At Prog Radio, our mission is to “honor the past, spotlight the present, and inspire the future of Progressive Rock.” Our passion for the genre drives us to support its growth and showcase emerging talent. One such artist is Aviram Tzur, an indie prog musician from Israel who we've recently had the pleasure of discovering.

Initially focused on the indie Israeli scene, Aviram has spent years writing, singing, and performing in Hebrew. Last year, however, he made the shift to creating contemporary progressive rock music in English, targeting a wider international audience.

Aviram cites inspirations such as Riverside, The Pineapple Thief, Anathema, Sylvan, Porcupine Tree, and Airbag – all favorites here at Prog Radio. Naturally, we couldn't resist giving his music a listen.

With several Hebrew albums under his belt, Aviram released his English-language debut album, "They Say," last year. He quickly followed it with this year's "Moving Aloud," a crossover Folk/Pop/Prog record. While leaning towards the prog-lite side, we find the album captivating, featuring melodic and intriguing songs.

"Moving Aloud" comprises 9 tracks and spans 44 minutes, with no need to skip any songs. We're delighted to include many of these tracks in our New Music rotation with our Rhyming DJ. We've even added one of Aviram's Hebrew tracks, which we enjoy despite not understanding the lyrics!

We should note that Aviram is only the second main artist to be featured on Prog Radio, the first being Aviv Geffen, the Israeli rock singer with the band Blackfield, along with Steven Wilson. We're excited to witness the growth of Prog music in this region.

Tune in to Prog Radio to discover the talented Aviram Tzur. We believe you'll be hearing more from him in the years to come.

4.5 Stars!

Aviram Tzur

Run Time:
Apr 14, 2023
43 min
Does It Matter • Reflection • Space and Time • Ignoring the Sounds
Kevin Carmony
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