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A Quiet Town (Feat. Marco Grieco)



A Quiet Town (Feat. Marco Grieco)

The Samurai of Prog




When the renowned ensemble The Samurai of Prog releases a new album, there are three key details that fans and critics alike eagerly anticipate: the lineup, the concept, and the overall quality of the album. So, let’s dive in...

The Lineup

The Samurai of Prog continues to showcase the talents of its core members: Marco Bernard on Shuker bass, Kimmo Pörsti on drums and percussion, and Steve Unruh's vocals and violin. The multi-talented Marco Grieco once again brings his skills to the forefront as the composer, as well as contributing keyboards, guitars, and backing vocals. As usual, the album also features a diverse array of guest musicians, including Linus Kåse (saxophone), Olli Jaakkola (flute), and Peakfiddler (fiddle), among others. Ben Craven, Tony Riveryman, and Juhani Nisula add depth with their guitar skills, and several artists providing lead and backing vocals, including Ron Alonso, Andy Nixon, Michael Trew, Ivan Santovito, and Marco Vincini. Last, but not least, the ever-captivating artwork by Ed Unitsky rounds out the album's presentation.

The Samurai of Prog

Following the success of their previous three stellar albums...each better than the previous, "A Quiet Town" continues the trend, delivering an exceptional musical experience.

The Concept

The album unfolds a classic whodunit murder mystery set in a seemingly tranquil town. Each track delves into the stories of the prime suspects, including The Priest, The Businessman, The Mayor, and The Doctor, offering listeners a narrative journey alongside the musical exploration. So whodunit? Sorry, no spoilers!


Questioning the quality of The Samurai of Prog's work these days is almost redundant. With a track record of excellence since 2011 and this being their 18th release, TSOP has consistently improved and refined their craft. Following the success of their previous three stellar albums—"Anthem to the Phoenix Star," "The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up," and "The Man in the Iron Mask"—each better than the previous, "A Quiet Town' continues the trend, delivering an exceptional musical experience. If, like me, you enjoy the dramatic style of TSOP, you'll love "A Quiet Town."

The album has all the things we appreciate and expect from TSOP and is not one to be missed. We're happy to be featuring many of the songs in Prog Radio’s New Music rotation, as well as playing select tracks in Monday’s "What’s New Proggy Cats?" program.

4.5 Stars

Run Time:
Feb 2, 2024
1 hr 9 min
The Solution - Parts 1 & 2 • The Report • The Crime • Dance of Clues • The Priest • The Doctor
Kevin Carmony
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