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The One




"The One" is a venture led by the Dutch musician and producer Timothy van der Holst. Known for creating over 20 jazz and soul albums with bands like The Jazzinvaders, The Soul Snatchers, and Laura Vane, van der Holst makes his progressive rock debut with 'Sunrise'. Growing up in the 80s, he found inspiration in the records of Yes, King Crimson, and Genesis, which he claims "infected" him with the magic of progressive rock. He describes 'Sunrise', The One's debut album, as atmospheric progressive rock that embodies the spirit of these seminal 70s bands while also showcasing a strong sense of melody and rhythm.

Collaborating with British musician and lyricist Frank 'Fish' Ayers, van der Holst began crafting music for his first album in his studio. While he played most instruments himself, the contributions of Dutch guitarist Edwin in 't Veld and British singer Max Gilkes were invaluable in shaping the album's sound. Additional collaborations include American guitarist Fernando Perdomo, Dutch guitarist Luca Giordano, and singer Maarten Teekens.

'Sunrise' presents a sonic narrative about a scientific mind grappling with its understanding of reality. Immersed in string theories and almost drowning in the vast ocean of quantum physics, the protagonist's sanity teeters on the brink when he realizes that love's ebbs and flows are faster than light speed. Caught like a stage actor forgetting his lines, he's frozen in a dreamlike reality, gazing into the eyes of Amon-Ra. The dilemma is faith or facts, with answers emerging with the sunrise, signifying a rebirth of his day.

The influence of King Crimson is evident in the album's first track, an instrumental piece called 'The Thoughts Of Light', featuring Fernando Perdomo on guitar. Pink Floyd's signature sound also seeps into other tracks, such as the predominantly instrumental and quite pleasing 'Remember'.

At a concise 40 minutes, 'Sunrise' provides an enjoyable listening experience with no lulls or skippable tracks. Prog Radio is excited to include several songs from this excellent album in our New Music rotation. We encourage listeners to tune in for a taste of this impressive debut.

Rating: 5 Stars.

The One

Run Time:
Jan 27, 2023
40 min
Sunrise • The Past Haunts Again • Remember • Lets Laugh • The Time Stands Still
Kevin Carmony
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