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Subliminal Messages



Subliminal Messages





Listeners of Prog Radio are well aware of our appreciation for Finnish progressive music, and "Subliminal Messages" by Fouette is a thrilling new addition to this rich tapestry. This debut album emerges as the project of Finnish musician Timo Vuoppola, who skillfully plays every instrument featured on the album. The record is then enriched by the vocals of the late Finnish singer, Kimmo Blom, whose talent left a mark before his sad passing in 2022.

Spanning 8 tracks and running for a total of 58 minutes, the album is framed by two epic pieces that serve as its opening and closing marks. "Subliminal Messages" is a hidden gem in the music world, one that might escape the notice of many but definitely deserves widespread attention. (Thanks to Mayer More for letting me know about it.)


"Subliminal Messages" may not have been aimed at achieving fame, yet its quality suggests that fame might very well find its way to it.

Timo Vuoppola's approach to this album, as shared on the band's Bandcamp page, emphasizes the creation of music out of pure passion rather than the pursuit of fame. He describes it as "a labor of love," crafted for the sheer necessity of musical expression, with the hope that listeners will appreciate it. This sentiment is not only met but exceeded, as we find ourselves not just liking the album but truly loving it.

"Subliminal Messages" may not have been aimed at achieving fame, yet its quality suggests that fame might very well find its way to it. Prior to this album, Timo Vuoppola might not have been a familiar name, but his work on this project ensures that he will be on our radar, especially for those of us at Prog Radio, eager to explore more of his solo endeavors.

The album stands out as a compelling, dynamic journey through progressive rock, blending traditional elements with innovative twists. It is with great enthusiasm that we include several tracks from "Subliminal Messages" in our New Music rotation. Moreover, we're excited to feature a track from this album on Tuesday's edition of What’s New Proggy Cats. Be sure to tune in!

4.5 Stars

Run Time:
Feb 3, 2024
58 min
Mind in Motion • Circular Arguments • On the Edge of a Cloud • Subliminal Messages
Kevin Carmony
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