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Short album reviews by The Prog Yak.  No puffery here, just a simple review and score from 1 to 5 yaks!  Have a new album you'd like The Prog Yak to review?  Let us know.

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The Prog Yak
Playing House



Playing House





MEER is yet another pleasant surprise to be found in lower depths of the charts here at ProgCharts. Currently at only #224 in the charts, this 8-piece Norwegian band is amazing.  With 8 members, including a brother and sister on lead vocals, you get a very rich, full, varied sound, all infused in incredibly melodic, well-crafted songs. 

Playing House is MEER's second studio album, and continues with this same line up of eight friends and family from their first recording nearly 10 years ago.  This is a very close and tight-knit group that includes family members, high school friends, a piano teacher, a neighbor, and a married couple.  The closeness of these musicians having known each other and worked together for so long really comes through in the music on this record--dynamic and ranging but very cohesive. 

The line up includes: Johanne Kippersund on vocals, Knut Kippersund on vocals, Eivind Strømstad on guitar, Åsa Ree on violin, Ingvild Nordstoga Eide on viola, Ole Gjøstøl on piano, Morten Strypet on bass and Mats Lillehaug on drums. 

The classical background of many of the band members shows through in the symphonic and dramatic elements found in many of the songs.  The arrangements are very dynamic from sparse to expansive, and with eight members each contributing to the writing and arranging, you get a lot of variety.  You won't get board with this album, as it moves in so many directions, but all good ones.

I had a rough time choosing the highlight songs from this album because there really are only very good songs on it.  One of those albums you'll put on repeat and enjoy from start to stop over and over again. I fully expect to see this album in the Top 5 for 2021. 5 Yaks.


Run Time:
Jan 31, 2021
54 min
Picking Up The Pieces • Beehive • All At Sea • Song Of Us • Honey • She Goes
The Prog Yak

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