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Quick and simple album reviews by The Prog Yak.  No wordy or puffery reviews, just a simple score from 1 to 5 yaks!  Have an album you'd like The Yak to review?  Email The Yak.

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The Prog Yak




Richard Soucy




This is another one of those albums that came to us from out of nowhere and blew us away. Any artist should be very proud when the only calling card they need is their music.

Richard Soucy is a French Canadian guitarist and musician who has been playing music for a very long time, but is just now releasing his first solo album, “Freedom.”

So, what’s the music like? Let’s just say Richard is old enough that he grew up with The Beatles and Pink Floyd… and it shows in this great record. The melodic strains of The Beatles combined with the progressive atmosphere and Gilmour-like guitar work of Pink Floyd. How can such a combination not be compelling?

Richard Soucy

...this kind of music comes from a lifetime of loving, playing, and making music.

Richard has said, "This progressive-rock album was produced over two years. It is dedicated to freedom and to the human race, which is in dire need of a second wind.” Perhaps “produced” over two years, but this kind of music comes from a lifetime of loving, playing, and making music.

If you like melodic prog like The Moody Blues, Barack Project, Fish on Friday, etc., you'll enjoy this record.

We were planning on only including a track or two in our New Music Rotation here at Prog Radio, but we kept finding song after song we loved. Tune in to Prog Radio for this surprisingly pleasant debut album, and find Richard’s music on the links below.

4.5 Yaks!

Run Time:
May 16, 2023
51 min
In My Head • Children of the Night • Freedom • I Wanna Play for You
The Prog Yak

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