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About Prog Radio

MISSION:  Help expand the popularity of Prog music.

METHOD:  Provide a passive listening experience that is enjoyable to existing Prog fans, while helping those new to Prog discover music and artists. 


SLOGO:  "Honoring the Past. Spotlighting the Present. Inspiring the Future."


  • 24/7 commercial-free Progressive Rock music.

  • Over 300 bands/artists featured in rotation.

  • Leans towards the "melodic" and "approachable" side of Prog.

  • Mix of old and new music.  Current Mix:  33% new music released in last 12 months, 42% music from the 300+ artists from all periods, and 25% "the classics" (Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, etc.).

  • Ranges from soft to hard, but stops at hard-core metal and "growling."

  • Available to listen to via:  Web, iPhone app, Android app, and Amazon Alexa.

  • After playing, each song is "bumped" with: song title, artist's name, artist's country, year released, album name, album number, and perhaps some trivia. (This makes it ideal to listen to on runs, driving, etc., where you can't always look down to see what's playing.)

  • Includes Prog AND prog "adjacent" music. (Music from bands that may not always be considered "pure Prog," but that will likely please the ear of a Prog fan.)

  • For a list of the 300+ artists featured, visit the Charts on the ProgRadio.com website.

  • Top-of-the-hour News Headlines (M-F - 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST).

  • Look for upcoming featured programming by some of the top Prog artists.

Video Intros to Prog Radio:
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